Basic Medium Start-Up Hive

Basic Deep Start-Up Hive

Deluxe Medium Start-Up Hive

Deluxe Deep Start-Up Hive

Deluxe Deep Start-Up Hive

A Deluxe Deep Start-Up Hive Includes:
(please note some parts are DIPPED (in Parafin and Terpentine and no need to paint those items)

•Wood and Screened Bottom Board Dipped

•Entrance Reducer Dipped

•Assembled and Dipped Deep Hive Body w/8 assembled wood frames on Rite Cell™ foundation
and 2 Follower Boards

•All wood Top Feeder

•2 Wood Floats for feeder

•DELUXE HEAVY INNER COVER (1" Thick with vent)

•Garden Hive (Copper type) Telescoping Cover

$286.35 + SHIPPING

To substitute wired beeswax foundation on wood frames: $317.35 + SHIPPING
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