Swarms are a natural and beautiful part of bee life. During the spring, swarms are a common occurrence when a hive outgrows its home. When this happens, the old queen and about half the worker bees leave the mother colony to create a new colony. They often do not travel far from the mother hive and settle on branches or bushes nearby. Here are a few things you should know about swarms:

1) The bees are NOT on the attack. Before they leave the hive, the bees fill up on honey and are much too full to get very angry very fast. This of course does not mean you should try to provoke them.

2) DO NOT spray the bees. Even water can harm the bees. Once a hive has been sprayed, the bees are angry and sick.

If you have hive living in a structure or a tree, simply spraying the bees will not fix the issue. Even if the bees leave, the left over wax and honey may attract another hive. The best option is to call a beekeeper who has a lot of experience removing bees and do it safely and professionally.

3) Most beekeepers will remove swarms for FREE. Call us at the store and we will discuss your situation and answer any questions that you have.

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Thank you so much for helping to save the bees!