Basic Medium Hive Setup

Basic Deep Hive Setup

Deluxe Medium Hive Setup

Deluxe Deep Hive Setup

Deluxe Deep Hive Setup

A Deluxe Deep Hive Setup includes:

•Country Rubes Screened Bottom (DIPPED)

•Country Rubes Robber Screen

•Assembled (DIPPED) Deep Hive Body w/8 wood frames on Rite Cell™ Plastic foundation & 2 Follower Boards

•All wood Top Feeder

•2 Wood Floats for feeder

•DELUXE INNER Heavy Thick inner cover with vent

•Garden Hive (Copper type) Telescoping Cover

$300.60 + SHIPPING

Add $24.00 to substitute beeswax foundation on frames

Only Available from Sebastopol Store