Personalized Favors, Group, Corporate and Holiday Gifts

Honey is a beautiful representation of friendship, a lasting union or appreciation.
Made from the nectar of flowers and transformed by the Honeybee,
honey is the only food that can last virtually forever.
We can personalize and customize your gifts.

With our minimum order of four cases, Our honeys can be personalized with your custom message,
logo and/or your monogram printed on our special Kraft label paper (recyclable). Black ink only.
For an additional cost, a honey dipper, candle, tea or other Beekind available item(s)
can accompany the honey. We can package the gift item in a clear or kraft bag with ribbon and gift tag.
We can customize flights of honey and combination gifts of anything we have in stock.
We can ship to various addresses.

Sold in Cases only at 10% Off
3 oz honeys come in cases of 24 each.
9 oz honeys come in cases of 12 each.
22 oz honeys come in cases of 12 each.
Minimum 4 cases of one size for customized labeling.
Customized labeled honeys must be ordered four weeks in advance of pick up or shipping.
Orders must be picked up in Sebastopol or shipped as per customer request.

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