2022 Beekeeping Supplies

Best practice needs for colony start-up & growth, year one see below:

FOR BROOD CHAMBER AND STARTING BEES One completely assembled Basic Hive Set up (Deep or Medium boxes) for approx. first month after bee install, one additional deep hive body the following month, if using deeps (OR two additional medium hive boxes if using mediums) plus tools and protective gear.

FOR HONEY PRODUCTION READINESS Two additional medium hive boxes (minimum one) for collecting honey over brood chamber during heavy nectar flows.

FEEDING BEES WHEN STARTING A PACKAGE Feeding bees is common practice when establishing a colony in boxes for the first time. Feed your bees a mixture of sugar water of 1 part pure cane sugar to 1 part fresh water helps the new colony build wax combs which are essential for egg production and storage of pollen and nectar. You will need approximately 20 lbs of sugar (non-organic) to establish a package of bees. Make sugar water in small batches as you need to avoid spoilage. Figure approximately one gallon a week. When starting a package for the first couple of weeks, we advise using a simple entrance feeder with a jar.

WINTER FEEDING To help supplement bees unable to build stores, the ratio is 2 parts sugar to1 part water.

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